At High Cliff Academy we have a full time nursery for children age 3 and above. You can use your allocated Government funded 15 hours and can pay for top up hours if required.

Our nursery is open:

  • 08:50AM - 15:10PM
  • Bring a packed lunch or you can have school dinners for £2.10
  • Nursery children need to wear a school jumper and grey tracksuit bottoms or a grey skirt
  • Structured nursery with learning and confidence building as a priority


If you would like to visit our nursery please contact the Academy on 01273 041471



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Our Nursery is open 5 days a week 08:50am-03:10pm

  1. Cormorants Swimming Lessons

    June 9
  2. Term 6 Ends

    July 22
  3. Summer Holidays

    July 23 - September 1
  4. Inset Day

    September 2