Equality Statement

In everything we do as an Academy, we take account of how we can get rid of discrimination, give pupils an equal chance and encourage everyone to get along.

 Here are some of the ways we do this:

The Academy gathers information on the pupil population broken down by gender and ethnicity. At Breakwater Academy we have:

  High Cliff Academy National
Number on Roll 83 275 (average)
% girls  42 49
% boys 58 51
% FSM 13 25
% minority ethnic groups 7 35
% EAL 7 20
% SEND support 4 12


The Academy gathers information about significant difference in attainment between girls and boys, and between pupils of different ethnic backgrounds. Using this information, we identify areas in which the school could reduce inequalities and decide upon priorities for the upcoming academic year in which we can work towards diminishing these differences entirely.

Pupils achieving at least the expected level of development at the end of EYFS in 2015/16: N/A

The results for the end of Key Stage 1 in 2015/16 were: N/A

The results for the end of Key Stage 2 in 2015/16 were: N/A

Pupil Premium Plan

Pupil Premium money is used to target underachievement and ensure all children, no matter what their background, have access to the same quality teaching.

 Anti-bullying policy

There are clear procedures for dealing with prejudice-related bullying and incidents. All staff have access to an online safeguarding programme where all incidents of bullying or racist incidents are logged. Incidents that do occur are dealt with in line with the school’s behaviour policy.

 January 2017

Isabelle Tickner – Head of School

Please view the STEP Equality Policy below, or download:

DOWNLOAD >> STEP Equality Policy



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