Home Preparation

At High Cliff Academy we strongly believe in the importance of home-school partnership.

About 80% of a child’s time is spent outside of school (evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.). Therefore, it’s paramount that parents and carers understand how they can support their children with their learning at home.


Our Expectations of Parents / Carers
We want you to:

Send your child to school on time every day

 Respect term dates and times

 Support school behaviour expectations

 Make sure your child wears full school uniform

 Contact us immediately if there is a problem

 Show an interest in your child’s work, behaviour and progress

 Attend Academy events and workshops

 Read daily with your child

 Support your child with their home learning

Home Learning Routines

All children should endeavor to read every night with an adult or older sibling.


Y1 and Y2

Maths and English: Sent out Friday and due back the following Thursday.

Spellings: Sent out Monday, tested the following Monday.

Creative homework: Sent out Friday before half term holiday and due back the Monday after half term.


Home learning goes out every Friday and is due back the following Tuesday.

Children should be sharing a book with an adult every night.


Children should be sharing a book with an adult every night.

In Spring term phonic home learning is introduced.